About Us

We want to make life better

Risenity StartUp

We do not fear to venture into the complex things. Complex is just a set of simple parts. If simplicity is beauty then complex can also be wonderful.

Risenity does not want to be the only application. He wants to become a tool and helper. Something you use every day.

Employment or other economic activity is an essential part of life. But it's not just a job search. Education, experience, training, contacts, interaction. It is important to be always up to date.

Be a solo rider is an adventure. Take a ride with your friends is more comfortable. Social networking with focus on the work, education and possibilities.

Main features

All what you need


Create and be a member of the Crews, share and appreciate Goals - your progress or achievements of your friends.

Job Rise

Offers exactly according to your criteria. A wealth of information about job and employer. Rating and statistics.


Don't have a pen and notes? Timetable, language course, sketchbook or voice recorder. You don't need them anymore.


It's you. Your settings, data, statistics and charts. Your cloud if you need. And if we're talking about yours so just yours.

You can also help and participate in the development