Rise with Community

Powerful application that allows you to rise in your career. And that's not all!

Don't Do It Alone

Strong community can more

Finding the right job is not fun. You put a lot of effort into training and practice. Then bad boss and goes again...
And where is the time for your other activities? Let's change it!

Give your number to everyone?

Your data belongs to you

Your resume contains sensitive data. And employers sometimes, or almost always, does not respond. Are really in good hands?
You decide how much you tell about yourself.

Be in motion

Workroom in your pocket

You do not need carry a bag. You have everything you need. Useful tools in one app necessary not only of job search. Notes, screenshots or even entire blog if you mean.
Of course, you decide what you take with you.

Welcome to Risenity

We have combined job searching, social networking and useful tools in one app.
Focusing on privacy and data protection is our priority. And especially freedom of choice!


Quickly and efficiently

Just a few moments and you send your request. No answer? Not enough information? Express their satisfaction and also help others.

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Do not forget

Strenght in unity

Powerful app which allows you to search work, be connected to friends, use tools and have access to anything that interests you.

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